There are several awesome festivals all over South Korea, one of them is the Seaweed Festival in Wando Island. Last 15 April 2017, a free trip sponsored by UNESCO Heritage volunteers was offered to expats. Luckily, I was one of those together with other foreigners from Pakistan, England, Kazakhstan, Siberia, Australia, USA, China, and Middle Eastern countries. Inside the expo are halls that showcase the use of seaweed in various ways. Ocean Mystery Hall is one of my favorites where a water and light show was held. It was also interesting that they allotted a Global Environment Hall where they introduced ways on how seaweeds can be used as an alternative fuel source. On top of that, there were so many other fun activities in the Seaweed Expo including:

  1. Seaweed Ice cream tasting
  2. Traditional seaweed laver making
  3. Seaweed soup tasting
  4. Seaweed chips making
  5. Sea algae activities
  6. Water biking
  7. Sea creature leather crafting
  8. Wood crafting
  9. Sea creature model making
  10. Abalone shell crafting
  11. Seaweed art gallery
  12. Seaweed pizza tasting
  13. Marine candles and diffuser making
  14. Seaweed facial mask making
  15. Seaweed chromatography

It was a wonderful sunny day spent by the sea with very interesting seaweed delicacies. Fun day indeed!


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