I first tried yoga way back in 2010, it was right after college. Yoga was something that I’ve always been curious about. My first class was an Ashtanga yoga class with Yoga Manila in EDSA Shangri-la Plaza. I went in as a walk-in, I didn’t want to pressure myself with a 7-class card and wanted a way out just in case it turns out that I didn’t like yoga. After that class, I realized I didn’t like yoga — I LOVED IT!

The nice thing about Yoga Manila is that they teach Ashtanga yoga in such a way that you can practice yoga any where you are. They promote self-practice and this is what I did after my 7-class card. I did my yoga practice every morning before breakfast. And although I have always been physically fit, I felt something different with my body. My body feels more balanced and stronger at some point. I felt challenged in a good way to practice poses and sequences. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to see my progress every practice, to be able to stick to poses longer than I did the first time I tried it. It’s also surprising that clearing my mind (which I found very difficult at first), eventually became doable to me. It’s true when they say that eventually you’ll get there if you focus on your practice. You may not get it right away, it could take time. But you will get there.

Since I’ve tried Ashtanga yoga, I wanted to know more about it. I read books and tried out different yoga studios (Ananda Marga, White Space, Yoga Bliss, Beyond Yoga, so many more I forgot already) that focus on other types of yoga. I also enrolled in gym memberships (Fitness first, Brickroad Fitness, Centro Fitness) because they have yoga classes and I’d be able to explore other fitness routines as well.

I even considered pursuing a yoga teacher training then but I had graduate studies and work. So basically, it was always been a battle between pursuing Science or pursuing Yoga. For now, Science is winning. But I hope someday, I get to dive in to my passion in yoga as well. Who knows? We’ll see!

I still practice yoga until now. We have a university sports center in GIST that offers yoga classes. Aside from yoga classes, I do my own self-practice when I have the time. Below are a few photos that I take to track my progress. Sometimes, I do street yoga or beach yoga and take photos of them too. I still have a lot to improve on but I’m taking everything at my own pace, anyway yoga is not a competition. It’s a practice towards mind and body awareness. And learning to listen to your body is more important than anything else.


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